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About Us

Sun-imperial - About Us

Sun-Imperial is an online  women's fashion store for young women who love and live fashion.

In sun-Imperial we believe that style persona is a melting pot for many different preferences and influences.

You should never feel that you have to box yourself into one fashion persona

What we aspire to do is combine all of these different components into an overall style persona that is cohesive.

To us, this cohesion is extremely important because it makes the style feel stronger and more focused.

we love outfits to look and feel clean, simple, modern and bold no matter what. Even when adding new trendy pieces, we inspire to create cohesion by combining them with classic pieces. The classic pieces are the magic glew that brings our ensemble together . 

Our collection reflects the latest trends in fashion.

we offer our loyal customers unique items that have been hand picked by our professional team of stylists in an affordable price.

In sun-imperial you will find the top fashion trends and a stylish item for every occasion from casual to fancy looks.

Come in and explore our Vintage style, elegant style, chick style , street style ,and swim collections.

​"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it."