It’s best to prepare for the colder months ahead of time and they’re getting closer and closer from hereon. This 2018, there are some really cool outwear or outerwear trends that will allow you to have fun mixing and matching while making sure that you’re warm enough for the season.


These trends are also perfect for those who still want to stay active in the cold while still being stylish. Adventurers will always find something to wear that will ensure their safety and comfort out in the cold but not look like a burrito covered in a pile of ugly clothes.


Here are some really great outerwear looks.


The Trench Coat

The great thing about the classic trench coat is that it can always be in style no matter the changing trends. If you own a trench coat, you can always add something to it to make it more trendy. In fact, it’s one piece of clothing that every woman should own.


But if trench coats are really not your style and you cringe at the thought of wearing them, you can always go for the alternative. As long as it covers part of your lower body, it will be a good protection from the cold and still an easy piece of clothing to match.


The Button Decoration Solid Coat from Sun Imperial Fashion is classy, elegant, and simple. You can create any look you want with this outerwear. It has a good layer of protection from the cold and you can really rock this look with a pair of booties.



Zippers are not only stylish, they’re also convenient! Zipped jackets are a great way to stay warm and comfy and they’re easy to wear and take off.


Try a zipped jacket in a neutral color like gray and wear either a pair of denim pants or a more formal pair. The Asymmetric Zip Outerwear from Sun Imperial Fashion is a trendy zipped sweater that is easy to match and extremely comfy.


Another zipped option is the Army Green Shirred Sleeve Zipper Bomber Jacket also from Sun Imperial. Pair it with a pair of black jeans for the best effects.


Activewear Jackets

For those who like adventures in the cold, activewear jackets are the way to go. At Sun Imperial Fashion, you will never run out of choices in their collection of activewear jackets. There is a wide selection with different styles, colors, and designs.


The Two Tone Zip Up Hoodie Jacket is perfect for the start of the cold season. You may want to layer it with another thicker coat on top when the weather starts to get really cold but it’s perfect for the cool but not bitingly cold days.


There is also the Gathered Zip Sleeve Flight Jacket which is a thicker option. It’s great for heavy activities because it will keep you warm without collecting your sweat inside. Best of all, it’s comfortable and you can match it with almost any outfit you feel like wearing.



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