Guidelines to Shopping for the Perfect Faux Fur

Animal fur as a clothing item often leaves people in a fix. For some, it is quite stylish; for others, there’s the guilt that comes with using real fur because of animal rights. Recently, there has been an influx of faux fur, which pleases both parties. These clothing items are processed to have such high quality that it is difficult to tell which is faux fur or real fur. This development has made faux fur readily available. There are now a lot of faux fur coats, scarves, gloves available in both fashion retail stores, and even from top custom fashion houses. These items are very affordable, the quality is top-notch, and of course, there is no need to feel guilty about using them because they are synthetic. 

With the quality of faux fur we get to see these days, it can be difficult picking out the best piece when shopping. As the peak of winter approaches with the rising need for warm clothing, there would be a high chance that we have to get one or two faux fur items for the weather. Here are some tips to help you find the faux fur that best suits you.  

Feel It 

The surest way to know the quality of any item you want to purchase is to feel it. Once you touch it, you can tell which one is quality and which one is not. With the advent of technology, most faux fur mirrors the real thing. Quality faux fur has a silky-smooth feel, and the fibers are of different lengths. Also, note that quality faux fur is not itchy or uncomfortable, so the softer they are, the better. Quality faux fur retains its place after it is touched so, be sure that your hands don’t leave a dent after you have touched them. 

Material is important

You don’t want to buy a faux fur item that leaves you itchy and uncomfortable. So, you need to check the material to avoid such an occurrence. The fabric of good faux fur should be very soft, smooth, and silky. Also, note the possibility of allergies; if you are allergic to a type of material, you should make sure to check the label to find out if the fabric of the faux fur item you are looking to buy has it.

This advice also goes for those shopping online; look carefully at the material list to know what to buy or not. 

Too Shiny is Not Good

While being particular about the type of material to buy, note that quality fur is not too shiny. Avoid buying faux fur that looks polyester shiny; it is not attractive, and it gives off a feeling of low quality.  

Bold is Beautiful 

With so many varieties of animal fur available, and of course, the creative ingenuity of faux fur designers, there are different varieties of faux fur available. Don’t be scared to experiment with different colors and patterns. 

Pay Attention to Maintenance

Buying a quality faux fur item is one thing; maintaining it is another game altogether. Just because it is not real fur doesn’t mean you should not handle it with care. When buying your faux fur item, make sure to note the maintenance guidelines. You are not to wear faux fur under heavy rain, and just like real hair, you should brush it once in a while. Also, note that faux fur is better off dry cleaned than hand washed and air-dried. With these useful tips, you can’t go wrong while shopping for your next faux fur!




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