Good Vibes - Going Out Look

It’s been said many times and it’s not without basis that the way you look affects the way you feel. So for those who only want good vibes in their going out look, you better follow these tips because not only would you look fashionable, you would also feel like your best self!


Of course, since everyone has a unique taste, you may have to adjust some of the details such as a specific color or shade but generally the looks we will feature here are perfect for a day out of nothing but good vibes.


Free Spirit

One of the most effective ways to make a “good-vibes” statement is to create a look that will highlight your free spirit. Free spirited folks cannot be kept in chains or cages and nothing says good vibes than a look that emphasizes this.


Since it’s still pretty warm, you can sport a pair of denim shorts and a white sleeveless top. Finish off the look with a clean knit top, preferably in pastel colors.


Sun Imperial Fashion features a great collection of denim wear including shorts that will allow you to pull off this look. Browse their accessories collection to see what else you can mix and match to personalize this good vibes going out look!


A Little Bit Bohemian

You can never go wrong with a little touch of Bohemian Rhapsody. This look always works if you want to stay in good vibes mode all day. Try a white or any other light-colored loose blouse, maybe even cropped. If the weather is not scorching hot, you can get away with long sleeves then wear some loose square pants for the bottom.


What would really perfect this look is a classy black hat such as the Polka Dot Band Straw Hat from Sun Imperial. You may also like the Bow Band Straw Boater Hat. It really depends on your preferences.


For this, you may want to go with classic heel boots for your footwear, preferably neutral colors like gray.


Ride It Wild

For those who like a little bit more color, you can go a little wild with a touch of hot pink. What you can do is wear light denim shorts and a printed sleeveless top then cover the top up with a hot pink see-through blouse. The look is stunning and it definitely says good vibes only.


Effective prints on the sleeveless top could be texts but that’s really up to you. The best footwear for this good vibes look is a pair of strappy sandals. Since you’re already wearing a bright pink top, you can tone it down on the feet and go with white or other nude colors.


The Tie Leg Flatform Denim Sandals from Sun Imperial is perfect for this look.



The idea is to create a look that highlights your fun and easygoing personality. You can mix and personalize the tips above and come up with your good vibes going out look.



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