Fall Feel

Fall Feel


Oh yes, the in just a few more weeks, the leaves will start turning into a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors that we only see once a year. Fall is coming and it’s time to get ready for its feels.


This year, the Fall feel includes quite an interesting set of trends. From the classy earth-tone coats to prints and loud colors, you will not run out of options to stay fashionable this season.


Let’s see how you can put these looks together.


80’s Western

Let’s start with a fashion revival. This autumn is interesting because we welcome the return of some 80’s fall look. Think exaggerated shoulders and kitten heels. If you can’t find coats that match this design on the shoulders, you can always accessorize with a scarf and create the look yourself!


For the footwear, if you’re brave enough, try some snakeskin booties and add a little bit of fringe where you can. It doesn’t have to be strictly snakeskin. The Faux Suede Leopard Pointed Booties from Sun Imperial Fashion would really hit the mark for this look and it’s available at a really affordable price!


Early Practice for Layering

Not long after fall, we’d all be forced to layer our clothing anyway so why not practice now? It’s in style and it’s a stylish Fall feel!


Of course, you don’t need to put a lot of volume in there since it won’t get really cold until after a few months. But you can start to layer a nice thin coat on top of a dress and if the winds are chilly outside, tie up a scarf or let it flow down your shoulders.


You can wear a fuzzy vest on top of a printed dress then just add a little bit more texture by putting on some shearling coat. At this point, try not to add too much accessories anymore. Layering kind of becomes accessorizing in a way so you don’t have to wear a lot of jewelry here.


Sun Imperial Fashion features various selections of Faux Fur Vests and you can choose a color that matches your style. They come in great prices and you can easily order online.


Lay Out the Plaids

The Fall feel this year involves plaids and they’re worn in many ways. This fall, go as crazy as you want and even try unexpected pairings and asymmetrical styles.


Try an elegant black coat and pair it with a long plaid scarf that goes form your neck down to your hips. You can accessorize with a plaid handbag. The plaids can be of the same color or not, the look will still work!


The Grid Print Asymmetrical Hem Skirt from Sun Imperial Fashion is a great example. Wear it with a plain top and cover up with a plaid coat or a plaid scarf.



To really get the Fall feel this year, you have to master the art of mixing and matching. Combining the above trends may even work!



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