Get Ready for the Fall

A lot of fashion enthusiasts absolutely love the fall season and it’s easy to see why! By this time, the scorching hot weather starts to cool down but not too cold for thick jackets. You can start wearing fashionable sweaters and an early excuse to wear some of your boots. Then, there’s the ever fashionable accessory we all love - the scarf!

But each year fall trends change and we will look at some of the hottest new trends coming up for the season. These runway trends set the tone for Fall 2018 and it’s a rather diverse collection from fashion revivals to futuristic themes.

  1. Street Style Statement Coats

Yes, welcome the prelude to the cold season with open arms! You can now take out your coats from their dust bags. But if you don’t find any that will fit the fall trend this year, head on to Sun Imperial Fashion for some really trendy coats in their collection.


It doesn’t matter if you want to go really crazy in the design. You can choose an ornate print, a fluffy coat, or a design that’s wildly colorful. These street style statement coats will get you ready for the fall and you can finish it off with a pair of boots.


The Black Lapel Long Sleeve Ouch Cardigan Sweater is perfect for any outfit you’d like to wear underneath it. It’s black so it would go well with any color. If you’re feeling classy, you can cover up with the Brown Suede Layered Wrap Coat also from Sun Imperial.


  1. The Summer Dress

For those warm summer days or nights, there is nothing more feminine than a summer frock. This again is a really versatile dress. Match it with the right accessories, and you can switch from day to night, from casual to formal, in a snap.


The best part about a frock is that it is suitable for any body type. Just choose the color and design you like best. You can choose those lovely blended cotton, off shoulder dresses, or boho maxis, t-shirt dresses or even body-con dresses. The beauty of a summer dress is that is light and airy and designed to beat the summer heat.


  1. Busy Prints

This year, another way to get ready for the fall is to go with busy prints. There is a boring way to do this and then, there is the fun way. We’ll go with the fun way! To really work out this trend, what you can do is to splice together a combination of prints and not just one. This is unconventional and some might be scared to do this but if you do it right, you’ll look absolutely stunning this Fall.


Try a different printed top and a different printed skirt. The key is to add just one neutral shade or a solid accessory. You can wear a printed skirt and a solid top then a printed coat. It’s up to you how to rotate and mix and match them.


The Colorful Faux Fur Coat has a lot of potential for this trend. Get it at a really charming price at Sun Imperial Fashion.

  1. Paint It Red

Yes, this Fall is the season of red. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look like a Handmaid’s Tale character as long as you do it right.


This monochromatic look is fiery but it doesn’t have to look too vengeful. Try a long-sleeved coat that goes all the way down above your ankles but soften up the look with a white dress inside. A pair of gold sandals will make this look absolutely dashing. Check Sun Imperial Fashion for accessories to add.




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