Cute Ways to Style Your Favorite Two-Piece Skirt Set

The two-piece skirt set is a very versatile clothing item and really should be regarded as a wardrobe staple. Unlike most fashion items, the two-piece skirt set is quite timeless, so it does not come and go with trends. Although it has been on for decades unnoticed, these days, you could easily find a two-piece skirt set when you walk into any clothing boutique. 

The versatility of the two-piece skirt set is the catch. You can style it separately or as a matching set. It can also be dressed up into a formal outfit for work and corporate gatherings. Alternatively, if you have a date night or a party to attend, the two-piece skirt set can also be transformed to achieve the perfect look too. 

Whatever way you want to style it; sexy, casual, or formal, the two-piece skirt set will not disappoint you in the style department. The key to doing it right is knowing how to style it properly to achieve your favorite look. Here are some simple ways you can style your two-piece skirt set to achieve your desired look for different occasions. 

The Boho Way

Just like every other trendy outfit, there must be a boho variety. The two-piece skirt set is not an exception. This set usually comes in prints; it could either be floral or ethnic prints. For it to qualify to be called boho, keep in mind that it has to maxi. To make it fashionable, it can have the cold shoulder/ off-shoulder detail. To properly pull off the boho look while styling your two-piece skirt set, the footwear is essential. The outfit can be paired with a flat sandal. If the beach is your destination, then you can accessorize it with a beach hat, bag, and a pair of sunglasses.

The Classy Way

This style is for conservative ladies who have issues showing off too much skin. The classy two-piece skirt set is designed to be very elegant in a subtle manner. The amount of skin you would want to show off depends on the length of your top. If you like to be a little bit adventurous, you could play around with the sleeves by opting for either a sleeveless top or one with detail to keep your outfit edgy. Whether the skirt is flared or straight, it should not be tight in any way. In styling a classy two-piece, you should go for solid colors and pair them with neutral accessories to give that comfortable yet edgy feel to your outfit. 


The two-piece skirt set can be a worthy substitute for the gown. These days you can find bridesmaids and even brides wearing two-piece dresses at weddings. Your choice of fabric is to be considered when looking to pull off the two-piece skirt set as a dress. Opt for pieces with lace, satin, or tulle textures to achieve that luxurious feel. Don't forget to accessorize with a pair of high heels and your favorite clutch bag to add that cute and fashionable finish to your outfit. 

The Casual Way

You certainly cannot style the two-piece skirt set in so many ways and not have it in a casual style. The casual style comes mostly in a regular stripe of floral patterns. You can also, depending on how you want it, have a tight skirt or mini skirt to go with. If you are not too daring, a skater skirt will still do the magic. Casual means comfort, so a flat pair of shoes or even sneakers would be just right to get you going.


Two-piece skirts are a blessing to fashion, and if you know how to style them, you will always look beautiful and unique every time you put on a new two-piece skirt.




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